by Ann Turnbull, Illustrated by Sarah Young

Candlewick Press, $16.99, 168 pages

Myths. A world where maidens become reeds, golden apples distract athletic heroines, and gods can become showers of gold. Add the lovely illustrations by Sarah Young, and the Greek myths pop to life on the page in Greek Myths by Ann Turnbull. In leafing through the thick pages, the reader can feel the reverence author and illustrator both feel for and put into the material. Lovingly rendered and retold, these myths are an enjoyable addition to anyone’s book shelf. The myths are retold in an approachable, readable way that makes Bulfinch look rather pompous, and the pictures are just as rich and tell as much of the story as the words do.

From the Minotaur to Midas, this book would work well as a coffee table ornament for the Greekophile or as a gift for a young (or young at heart) individual in love with the early Greek myths. The myths flow into one another, creating a sense of contingency. This reviewer enjoyed how the book predated the battle of Troy, sticking to creation, hero and god myths that reflect the heart of classical Greece.

Reviewed by Axie Barclay