by Ricki G. Robinson, MD, MPH

Harlequin, $24.95, 488 pages

This is a wonderful resource for families who are concerned their child may have autism as well as for families who have recently received an autism diagnosis. This book is comprehensive and covers everything from warning signs to the diagnostic process and other medical conditions that can occur with (or look similar to) autism, through treatment options, including sensory issues, diet and digestion problems, and medications.

While this book is crammed full of valuable information, it may become somewhat overwhelming, particularly for families that are just entering into the world of autism and learning how to cope and maneuver within it. This may be better used as a reference guide to go through in smaller and more manageable sections as a family navigates their own path. However, this book is helpful in that it provides information on increasing your child’s independence, and helping with their transition into adulthood. The information in this book includes the most current and up-to-date scientific research available and is clearly written and understandable to parents and professionals alike. It is certainly a must-have for any medical or mental health professional who works within this population.

Reviewed by Karen McKibbin