by Daisy Martinez

Atria Books, $16.99, 163 pages

Daisy’s Holiday Cooking Latin cookbook is written by Daisy Martinez who first appeared on a PBS series called “Daisy Cooks” and, in 2009, began a series on the Food Network called “Viva Daisy”. While she titles this book, “Daisy’s Holiday Cooking,” it actually contains versatile plans and recipes for a variety of entertaining, from casual to the most formal occasion. Each chapter begins with a particular event and its menu followed by a narrative history and other details.  Finally are the recipes themselves; appetizers, soups, main courses, side dishes, and even delicious-sounding cocktails. Beautiful accompanying photos tempt the reader to explore the recipes more closely.

Whether or not the reader is familiar with Latin cooking, this is a delightful cookbook. Some specific Latin ways to prepare basics like rice and beans are given too, but no breakdowns of calories, carbohydrates or fats. Many of these recipes are time consuming, but the sequence of preparation is planned to be done ahead, allowing time with guests. Each recipe makes enough for 8-12 people. If not entertaining, the recipes can be cut in half, but Daisy suggests instead making the full amount and freezing part of it. Indeed, the food is delicious and the recipes are well worth trying.

Reviewed by Rosalie West