By Jon Armstrong, Night Shade Books, $14.99, 309 pages

Tane Cedar is at the top of the heap as a leading man’s tailor when he is visited by his former lover, Vada, who requests his help in creating a coat made from Xi, an illegal drug. Tane reluctantly agrees to help her and heads on a dangerous journey to obtain the Xi. Along the way, Tane also starts to examine his own life and examines his transformation from corn slub to in-demand men’s tailor.

With Yarn, Jon Armstrong has created a stylized world that revolves around the glittering cutthroat (literally) fashion world of the future. He writes with flair as he tells the story of Tane’s life and constructs an elaborate society that worships clothing and textiles. Ultimately, though, there was little substance behind the style. The main character felt underdeveloped and hollow, which makes it difficult for the reader to care about either his past and present journey and, in the end, the story falls flat.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern