By Michelle Beattie, Berkley Sensation, $7.99, 309 pages

“Pleasure won is more precious than treasure found.”

10In A Pirate’s Possession, Claire’s father leaves her at an orphanage to search for a lost treasure but promises to return once found. One year turns into another and Claire gives up hope of ever seeing him again.

At the orphanage Claire befriends Nate as a youth and over the years their friendship grows to love. As a young man, Nate wants to take Claire away from the orphanage and leaves to earn money so that they can marry and he can take care of her, promising to return. After a year of waiting, Claire begins to think that Nate, like her father, will never return. Claire is coerced into marriage to a vile man but soon runs away. Her life goal thereafter is to search for the lost treasure her father spoke of so often, thereby putting to rest the mystery of her father’s whereabouts and giving her a means to survive as a single woman. Claire’s search for her father eventually leads her back to Nate.

Author Michelle Beattle spins a tale full of pirate clichés with little character development, leaving the reader wanting more substance. But if a quick read of pirate tales is what you are looking for, this is your book.

Reviewed by Ginger Williams