by Dr. Sanjiv Chopra, Dr. Alan Lotvin

Thomas Dunne, $26.95, 456 pages

Doctor Chopra Says: Medical Facts and Myths Everyone Should Know by Dr. Sanjiv Chopra and Dr. Alan Lotvin with David Fisher is the definitive work on common medical myths verses facts. Five parts adds to the ease and usefulness of this medical reference book; Food & Drink, Drugs, Vitamins, and Supplements, Medicine, Alternative Medicine and Health Risks. The authors love what they do; practice medicine. They also love good health and found themselves just as confused by the mountains of research results on this cure and that vitamin. Hence, this book was created. They want to remove the confusion and conflicting advice. What the book promotes is moderation, common sense, making good healthy choices and seeking your own physician’s advice while giving the reader sound medical research consensus, not recent fads, misconceptions, unproven or no time-tested results. Some myths are well-known theories such as; coffee will cause heart problems or that cell phones cause cancer, yet others are lesser known but just as dangerous such as; statins are a miracle drug or human growth hormones make you younger. Issues discussed and addressed in this book are of interest to all. Written in laymen terms but methodically analyzed, the advice Dr. Chopra gives is invaluable.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,