By Jean Anderson

Wiley, $29.95, 254 pages

You will need extra napkins handy while you peruse this colorful, mouth-wateringly delicious cookbook, Falling Off the Bone by Jean Anderson. Ever hear of a meat-cutting course in college? We learn in the Introduction to this meat-lovers’ cookbook that author, Anderson took this intensive course and learned more than she ever expected. There is a science in preparing and cooking meat; how to tenderize and when to stew verses grill. The book begins with a How to Use This Book section that generally explains cooking, tenderizing meats, proper equipment and a few standardized short-cuts with ingredients. From there, it covers four meat types; beef, veal, lamb & pork with recipes, techniques, nutritional guides, shopping and storage.

What is so likable about this book is that each page is either a recipe or a full-color picture demonstrating the beauty of the dish. Some dishes require a plentiful of ingredients but, as usual with meat dishes, it affords a hearty meal that will feed many or make for great leftovers. If you love meat, you will love this meat bible!

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,