by Barbara Fairchild

Andrews McMeel Publishing, $40.00, 690 pages

For all you sweet-toothed people out there…watch out! Bon Appétit Desserts by Barbara Fairchild is a cornucopia of delectable treats. Thankfully there is not too many pictures of the awesome confections they describe but the joy is still there, like a kid on Christmas morning, thumbing through this dessert cookbook is exciting, tantalizing, and orgasmic. The chocolate euphoria is looming if not on the page you are on, it’s coming! From cheesecakes, pies, cakes, candies to fruit desserts, ice cream and souffles, this book will keep you entertained for hours just scanning the recipes. Bon Appétit notoriously walks you through each step of the cooking process even with the sometimes complicated recipes, and there’s no shortage with this desserts-only cookbook. Three and four recipes per page, some are complicated like the Tiramisu Wedding Cake with Mixed Berries or the simpler recipes like, Chocolate Stout Cake, each one begging for your attention and tempting you to stretch your culinary skills and attempt each scrumptious taste sensation. Not for the faint-of-heart weekend chef, this is an awesome cookbook of desserts and would increase anyone’s home value with its presence.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,