by Nicole Hunn

Da Capo, $19.00, 257 pages

Nicole Hunn became known in the gluten-free world with her blog. She started this after searching for affordable gluten-free foods when her son was diagnosed with celiac disease. Many people choose to be gluten-free out of necessity, or just out of a desire to live a healthier life. The only gripe about this book is that there are a brief eight pages of photographs that show a small fraction of the recipes. They appear to be added as an afterthought. It seems this book would benefit by following a ostensibly new trend in cookbooks with photographs of the ingredients, steps, and completed recipe.

This book is written for real people, facing real economic issues, that can’t afford to dedicate a whole paycheck to groceries. It is a great resource for preparing whole foods at home and not spending all weekends and evenings in the kitchen. It is a planning guide to help you and your family be prepared to eat well on a budget. The ingredients are easy to find, the recipes are easy to follow, and there are tips included on doubling and storing for later use.

Reviewed by Janet Wright