by Tanya Scholes

Santa Monica Press, $45.00, 287 pages

Do oenophiles really pay attention to that piece of paper adhered to the bottle? Apparently so. If you walk into the wine section and ask why someone selected a particular bottle, probably 8 out of 10 will reply, “I liked the label.” There is a connection. There is a whole design culture around the wine label, and this book delves into their history. It is intriguing to read the story of the winemaker, the vineyard and the name of these wines. There is a great blend for the graphic designer, historian, and wine lover. Remember, the next time you are in the wine aisle, it’s like being in a book store. It’s okay to take your time, to browse, let the label tell you it’s story. Art and wine go hand-in-hand and are well represented in this anthology.

Reviewed by Janet Wright