by Diana Stobo

Bree Noa Publishing CO, $20.00, 127 pages

Get Naked Fast! is a sister book of Naked Bliss both of which are for the niche cooks of dedicated health food folks who would benefit from having both on their kitchen book shelves — others would better spend their money on less extremist cookbooks. This small- to medium-format book is beautifully illustrated with professional and exceptional food photography, mostly on full pages. The author totally rejects dairy, wheat, sugar, meat, caffeine and alcohol and uses uncooked fruits and vegetables whenever possible.

The introductory 17 pages prepares the cook giving necessary equipment and having a pantry with sauces and ingredients mostly foreign to cooks who do not shop in health food stores one of which in your neighborhood is essential. Where else would you find Himalayan pink crystal salt, sea vegetables, sucanat or hemp oil, to name a few?

The recipes are very simple, some with two or three ingredients and preparation time for many is less than ten minutes. Most recipes give you nutritional benefits, preparation time, and useful Fun Facts. Brownies, for example, have four ingredients and are not baked, Pecan-Pie Treats two ingredients. Other useful tables list foods that nourish the kidney or liver or the body.

Reviewed by George Erdosh,