By Molly Morgan, RD, CDN, Harlequin, $12.95, 208 pages

10Have you ever seen a woman who looks like she has is all together? Why is it so easy for them? Molly Morgan’s new book The Skinny Rules discusses strategies these women use to stay thin. There are some great tips like wearing jewelry that is proportional to your body and clothes that compliment your body type.

The title of the book may be off-putting to some. After reading the book, it appears the author is trying to go for shock value. Would you buy a book with a title about healthy living tips? Perhaps, but this title catches your attention. Many of the “secrets” are tips most of us already know. What makes Morgan’s book different than most diet books are that she uses hypothetical’s to illustrate the tips in action. Her characters happen to be girls who are thin (do they follow these tips or have great metabolism?). For example, rule 37 instructs readers to eat fewer processed foods. This isn’t a secret. But Morgan’s discussion of such rules is always about how it applies to “Skinny Girls.” She could substitute “healthy eaters” and it wouldn’t seem as off-putting.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin