Created by Observer Food Monthly, Rebecca Seal, Editor

Guardian Books, $44.95, 306 pages

This is not your average cookbook – it is a work of art! Readers will be inspired to spend more quality time in the kitchen, trying out seasonal recipes by Britain’s best chefs. Edited by Rebecca Seal, Cook is a collection of the best recipes (and new ones) from the Observer Food Monthly magazine. The book is divided into months with food that compliments different times of the year. January focuses on meals that will keep you warm (i.e. hearty roasts). Learn when fruits and vegetables are in season. Each recipe includes information about the chef and features their own commentary about the ingredients and preparation. Photographer Steven Joyce specializes in capturing the wonders of food. With 350 beautiful photographs, mouths will water just by flipping through the pages. Experienced cooks and first-timers will find recipes to fit their ability level. Readers will recognize many of the chefs and find new favorites along the way. Also included are lists of “4 Good Things” to do with a variety of different foods – broccoli, cheddar, leeks, eggs, mackerel, and many others. You will never again have to clip another recipe!

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin