by Jenny Linford

Macmillan, $17.95, 330 pages

If you are passionate about good food and good eating, you live in London or visiting London, this small-format book is a must-have. Written for Londoners, this is filled with good information, attractively packaged and small enough to fit into a purse or a large pocket. First published in 1991, the information has been revised four times and is up-to-date.

The book lists five districts with shops, eateries and very good, detailed, easy-to-follow maps. In each district all shops are listed from bakeries/patisseries through wine/spirits, including cookery schools. Each listing gives address, phone number, public transportation, website and opening hours. A brief paragraph describes the place.

The next section describes ethnic markets and eateries by districts, each ethnic section with its own very useful glossary and selected cookbooks of that cuisine. The information is very detailed and nicely assembled. The book ends with mail order sources and their websites. The pages are profusely illustrated with beautiful photos. The edges of pages are color coded and tabbed to help readers orient themselves quickly. Layout and subject index are excellent but occasional ads inserted are a little disappointing. If you expect to travel to London, this book is useful additional travel item.

Reviewed by George Erdosh,