by Hallie Durand

Candlewick Press, $15.99, 40 pages

If you have ever had trouble getting a small kid to sleep you may be looking for new ways to get that tot excited about getting in and staying in bed. Here’s a new idea…give your child a Driver’s License! In author Hallie Durand’s newest book called Mitchell’s License, permission to rule the road is just what Mitchell needs to finally go to bed. But he isn’t driving a typical vehicle. In this funny and creative book Mitchell takes his dad on a nightly drive around the house. And the final stop on the tour is Mitchell’s nice comfortable bed. With the help of illustrator Tony Fucile’s charming digital pictures Mitchell and Dad have many road trips to remember. Children will love tracing the path the Dad-car makes throughout the house. They will laugh when Mitchell encounters sharp turns (look out for the kitchen table) and speed bumps (watch those toys on the floor). Mitchell even keeps up on maintenance. A squeeze of Dad’s nose tests the horn and a thorough cleaning of Dad’s glasses keeps the windshield clear. Children will want a Driver’s License of their very own. Don’t be surprised if you become the favorite car. Honk! Honk!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin