by Ashley Gartland

Storey Publishing, $19.95, 288 pages

Dishing Up Oregon reads like a travel guide from Oregon’s coast to its mountains. Oregon has had a love affair with food for some time and this book illustrates how strong the food culture is in the state. Many restaurants promote their farm to table approach and Gartland has demonstrated this by highlighting recipes from the “Who’s Who” of Oregon cooking and farming. The book includes sections on vegetables, fruit, cheeses, meat, desserts and even a chapter that includes Oregon’s fantastic wines and beers in its recipes.

Dishing Up Oregon is sprinkled with colorful, tantalizing photos of food and locales including several businesses that contributed recipes. The index is comprehensive and this reviewer appreciated the listing of recipe contributors and suppliers. All the ingredients are readily available and, except for one bread recipe listed in grams, no conversions are needed for the measurements. This book would be a great gift for the food lover in your life or for someone who loves the Oregon food movement.

Seniye Groff