by Paulo Carminati

Andrews McMeel Publishing, $7.99, 102 pages

If you have ever wanted a “little black book” filled with everything you need to know about wine, stop your search. Pocket Posh Wine by Paulo Carminati, is literally a pocket sized “little purple velvet book” that will help guide you through all aspects of wine appreciation. Carminati breaks down the guide into user-friendly quick reference sections. Translating “Winespeak” – a big part of becoming knowledgeable is learning the terms. Go from aperitif, through noble rot, all the way to the next section on “How to Taste Wine.” Rather than merely listing instructions on how to taste (pour, swirl, sniff, taste), Carminati discusses the process of taste.

The flavors in wine are so different from anything we are used to. It makes a lot of sense. Next topic, buying wine! This can be scary territory. Learn about purchasing at a store, in a restaurant, or from wholesalers and distributors. Once you have built up a collection of your favorite bottles, you will want to know how to properly store your wine. Learn about food and wine parings. Armed with your new understanding of wine, get out there and start tasting!

Kathryn “Oenophile” Franklin