by John Schlimm

Lifelong Books, $17.00, 164 pages

For a growing number of vegans, eating an entirely plant-based diet does not mean a lifetime of tasteless tofu, uninspired legumes and endless salads. Whether choosing to avoid animal products for reasons of health, animal welfare or planet sustainability, for dietary vegans there are numerous menu options that are both delicious and satisfying. And even, as is aptly illustrated in this enjoyable little cookbook, fun.||Using ingredients found in most American kitchens and liquor cabinets, Schlimm – an author of several cookbooks and descendent of Peter Straub, founder of Pennsylvania’s Straub Brewery – has put together a winning collection of 75 recipes that feature beer or alcohol in the ingredient list. Each of the eight cleverly titled chapters – including Plastered Party Starters, Boozy Soups, Sloshed Suppers and Drunken Desserts – includes a starter cocktail and several appetizing dishes that will please vegans and non-vegans alike. The accompanying photography and breezy writing style are also appealing. Cheers to a cookbook that brings a collection of vegan dishes from the marginal to the mainstream!

Reviewed by Linda Frederiksen,