by Kate Moore

Berkley Sensation, $7.99, 291 pages

To Seduce and Angel is the third book in the Sons of Sin series by Kate Moore. In To Seduce and Angel we meet Emma Portland, a woman steeped in secrets and accused of a heinous crime. Emma is sent to spy on the newly appointed Marquis of Daventry. Daventry, suspicious of Emma yet unable to send her away agrees to employ her for a fortnight in an attempt to ferret out her secrets.

To Seduce and Angel is good. Moore manages to catch the reader’s interest and hold it, much like Daventry’s interest is held by the desire to know what Emma’s secrets are. Unfortunately, the editing is quite bad; with repeat words, wrong tenses, and bad punctuation. At times the writing was unclear. Many times a sentence needed to be read multiple times in order to figure out what the author was trying to say. The storyline, characters and romance were great, but the mechanics of the work were not. All in all, a fan of the series will enjoy it but a new comer may have trouble weighing through all the problems to enjoy the story underneath.

Rebecca Feuerbacher