By Lisa M. Morrison
Timber Press, Inc, $18.95, 208 pages

Attention beer lovers of the Pacific Northwest! If you are looking for the perfect gift for yourself or a fellow beer buddy, look no further. Lisa Morrison’s book Craft Beers of the Pacific Northwest is this year’s best bet. Morrison is considered the country’s beer and brewing expert and her extensive knowledge has earned her the title of “Beer Goddess.” Morrison opens with Beer 101. Learn how beer is made. The glossary defines terms readers will encounter throughout the book. The following three chapters focus on Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Morrison generally explores each region and then highlights exact locations and specific neighborhoods. The book concludes with a city guide for each region and suggests additional places to seek out during beer expeditions. History, facts and pictures are sprinkled throughout. Morrison takes readers on a tour of the 115 key pubs and breweries of the Pacific Northwest and provides contact information for each. Her “Don’t Miss” sidebars guarantee readers won’t skip any essential tasting experiences. Pub crawl ideas will excite and encourage anyone to start enjoying craft beer. This book is the ultimate guide for locals looking to have a perfect time enjoying the craft beers of the Pacific Northwest.

Elizabeth Franklin

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