By Susan E. Ingebretson
Norse Horse Press, $19.99, 204 pages

In FibroWHYalgia, author Susan E. Ingebretson discusses in depth, ten root causes of not only fibromyalgia but of many chronic illnesses such as genetic predisposition; physical injury or trauma; emotional trauma, and more.  She then lists mainstream medical treatments as well as alternative treatments, noting that no one treatment works well for everyone.  Beyond following practices that prove helpful for anyone’s health, each person must become informed and try treatments for themselves. Here is where common-sense caution will come in handy.  Ingebretson notes there is a plethora of “Miracles Cures” advertised today and they constantly change. A small sample are apple cider vinegar, colon, liver, and/or kidney cleanse, chiropractic, essential minerals, far-infrared saunas, gin raisins, and a great many more. The writing is upbeat, fun and easy to follow. Toward the last of the book is a section listing fibromyalgia and chronic illness support websites and blogs which could be a great help to anyone dealing with such issues. This reviewer has never read a better self-help book on improving health so FibroWHYalgia is highly recommended.

Rosalie West

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