By Adrian Fiorino
St. Martin’s Press, $16.99, 224 pages

Not really a cookbook, but rather a book to test your creativity with food to end up with something like a sandwich. There is very little cooking involved; in fact, with many of the creations, no cooking at all. And most of these insane sandwiches are works of clever craftsmanship that almost anyone can accomplish in the kitchen with patience, good hand skill, and creative interest – if that’s your thing. Some sandwiches are so enormous there is no way anyone can attack them at the table: take the “Quadruple Down,” with four breaded chicken breasts stacked up with slices of cheese and fried bacon in between the chicken. The stack is easily six inches high. Or the “Giftwich,” having three slices of bread with four slices of cheese and 28 slices of pastrami in-between.

“In this book, I’ll show you how to think outside of the lunchbox.”

This is a very cute book but not to everyone’s taste. Ditto for the author’s humor. The recipes are a snap to follow if you are interested in building these funny, showstopper sandwiches. Some will take an hour or more, even though many come with templates. You’ll definitely get a kick out of them. There are good photo illustrations, but the page numbering is a little confusing as some are missing.

Reviewed by George Erdosh,

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