By Robin Miller
Andrews McMeel Publishing, $29.99, 402 pages

When using five (in many recipes six) ingredients, you won’t expect elaborate meals or tedious preparation. Robin Takes 5 claims quick preparation from a few ingredients as weekday meals that beat prepared foods easily. Not only in flavor but also in nutrients. With 500 recipes this is a perfect cookbook for that purpose.

Robin Takes 5 is a fun, comprehensive cookbook that features a variety of globally inspired cuisines…”

No-nonsense, easy-to-follow recipes with ingredients you can find in the simplest corner market, this cookbook should be on the shelf of any home cook in need of preparing a meal quickly with least effort. A neat list of recipes precedes each chapter, divided into categories—an excellent concept to help you choose. The cookbook has simple format, no illustrations except for four sets of bound full-page photos. Head notes with each recipe are equally good and helpful. Preparation times (most 10 minutes and range between 5 and 15 minutes) are realistic for the average home cook. Cooking times are also noted. One icon denotes if a recipe is suitable for entertainment, another if a low-salt variety. Nutritional information accompanies each recipe. Layout of recipes is excellent. Index is only fair (e.g. Grilled Steak listed under Grilled but not under Steak).

Reviewed by George Erdosh,

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