By Simon Bestwick, Gary McMahon, Jasper Bark
Abaddon Books, $12.99, 756 pages

The Tomes of the Dead series is a group of anthologies featuring zombies. The second volume brings readers three stand-alone books filled with fantastic gut-wrenching gore. Each has their own explanations for the creation of zombies. In Simon Bestwick’s book Tide of Souls, flash-flood waters are rising, as well as the undead. In a world filled with death, three broken people must come together to find hope and a chance for survival. Escaped sex slave Katja, burned-out soldier McTarn, and crippled biologist Styles are dynamic characters that breathe life into a story of the undead. Gary McMahon’s Hungry Hearts, the weakest of the three selection, is a love story set amidst the chaos of an outbreak. Policeman Rick Nutman must battle his way through the hordes of walking dead to get to his wife Sally. Unbeknownst to him, serial killer Daryl has been stalking Sally and has the goal of becoming the first serial killer in history to kill the same woman twice. Way of the Barefoot Zombie, by Jasper Bark, explores the inner zombies in us all. Sign up for a mysterious course on a secret island and set the undead side of you free.

Elizabeth Franklin

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