By Susan O’Brien
Lifelong Books, $18.00, 226 pages


Offering good, vegan or gluten-free recipes is not easy—when combining the two, it gets even more complex. The author of Gluten-Free Vegan Comfort Food, Susan O’Brien managed to accomplish this difficult task very well in her simply produced paperback cookbook. The 25-page introduction covers everything you need to know about gluten-free and vegan diets including the ingredients involved, what to avoid, and she even recommends some organic wines to cook with. The recipes are logically and well-written, easy to follow, and mostly use ingredients available in well stocked health food stores. By using gluten-free breads, she can include such standard items as French toast and by using nuts and dates, she can recreate gluten-free cinnamon rolls, for example. Recipe head notes are good, and so is the layout in general, though some recipes inconveniently require flipping the page. The cookbook has no illustrations with the exception of eight center-bound full-page photos. As promised, some of the recipes are in the “comfort food” category, but most are common dishes that appear in most basic recipe cookbooks. The index is well cross-referenced and very good.

Reviewed by George Erdosh,
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