By Renee Wilkinson
Fulcrum Publishing, $26.95, 198 pages

Homesteading in the city? Renee Wilkinson, in her book Modern Homestead: Grow, Raise, Create, explains how the apparent oxymoron of urban homesteading is actually doable and within reach of even the most limited in space. Homesteading can seem overwhelming, but Wilkinson breaks everything down in to easy-to-follow steps, taking the complexity out of such projects as raising ducks and setting up a vermiculture station. Gardening, raising chickens, preserving and canning produce all seem possible with Wilkinson’s lively yet simple explanations. Anecdotes about her own homesteading adventures and misadventures, such as losing a chick and surprising herself with the extent of her grief, are sprinkled throughout the book, underscoring her tips and instructions. The full-color pictures and charts enhance what could be a monotonous subject, although the writing is so charming that it’s an interesting read even if the reader never plans on embarking on a single homesteading project in their life.

This book is an excellent and inspiring start for anyone interested in urban homesteading and living a more sustainable lifestyle, no matter the amount of time, money or space available for the venture. (Canning party, anyone?)

Reviewed by Andrea Klein

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