By Carolyn Scott-Hamilton
Fair Winds Press, $19.99, 256 pages

While traveling, vegans are often limited in the traditional local foods they can eat. Yet, for many, cuisine is an integral part of the travel experience. The Healthy Voyager’s Global Kitchen is Carolyn Scott-Hamilton’s solution to allowing vegans the opportunity to experience global cuisine. In this cookbook, she takes traditional recipes from all over the world and veganizes them. While some substitutions require access to a health food store, or a willingness to shop for food online, others can be made at home with grocery store ingredients using recipes provided in the book. For those following additional diets, recipes are labeled gluten-free, low-glycemic, soy-free, low fat, kosher or raw as appropriate. The author also provides ways of altering the ingredients if a recipe does not work for a reader’s needs.

Interesting, but slightly kitschy introductions are given for each cuisine featured. The recipe instructions are clear and detailed, if verbose. The index can make it difficult to easily find specific recipes as they are labeled under their full names such as “Sure to Love Stroganoff” and “Just Like Oma’s Apfelstreudel.” Though, the page layout and graphics are excellent. The Healthy Voyager’s Global Kitchen greatly expands the culinary options of adventurous vegans and the best part is: traveling’s not required.

Reviewed by Andrea Klein

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