By Debra Lynn Dadd
Penguin Group, $15.95, 248 pages

This is a book that could change your life, and probably for the better. Debra Lynn Dadd bemoans the prevalence of harmful chemicals in the environment through an approach that is both health-care oriented and environmental. The book is easy to read and inspiring. It will get you to look at your life and surroundings in a different way. Mostly, it presents an appropriate attitude that we should have towards a world that abounds with new toxic chemicals, to the point of surrounding us.

Toxic Free would be a more inspiring book if a physician had signed off on the information, but Dadd has researched the subject and become an authority on it, and she notes that she is not giving medical advice. Following in the footsteps of Rachel Carson, she inspires one to be concerned with all the new artificial chemicals that have now become part of our lives. Present in the book is a bias against man-made chemicals, with arguments for natural and local products. It does provide enough physiological information that readers can take better care of themselves based on their daily consumption decisions. An attitude of personal concern is warranted.

Reviewed by Ryder Miller

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