By Chuck Runyon, Brian Zehetner and Rebecca Derossett
Lifelong Books, $14.99, 275 pages

Working Out Sucks (and why it doesn’t have to) is a great companion for those who want to change their lives. We have all heard time and time again about new fad diets, ways to lose 20 pounds in 20 days and other bogus weight loss techniques. This book goes beyond all the hype and discusses the underlying risk factors associated with obesity, and the benefits of losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. Chuck Runyon is the founder of Anytime Fitness, a group of gyms across the country, with significant experience in the areas of strength and fitness. His expertise is evident as he takes you through a journey of getting to know yourself, while motivating you to make healthier choices and reclaim your life. For the person out there who is looking for a different answer and information and fact over hype and false promises, this is a great book to motivate, educate, and get you started on the path to a new you.

Reviewed by Rachel Richards

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