Gourmet the Vegan Way

By Chloe Coscarelli
Free Press, $18.99, 271 pages

It’s hard not to get excited when reading Chloe’s Kitchen. Author Chloe Coscarelli’s enthusiasm for vegan cooking is wildly apparent and extremely contagious. Packed with creative and wholesome recipes, Chloe’s Kitchen delivers inspired vegan fare in a beautiful, sleek volume guaranteed to get readers salivating. Chloe’s recipes are refreshingly uncomplicated and use mostly conventional ingredients, making them manageable even for readers with a fear of the kitchen. Cooking directions are clear and well written, and most recipes are accompanied by glorious full-page, color photographs. A slight nuisance is the need to often flip pages while reading a recipe, so, as always, it’s best to read a recipe through before attempting it. The index is excellent, and sample menus are provided for every occasion, from holiday feasts to kids’ birthday parties to light lunchboxes. For those with soy and/or gluten sensitivities, Chloe offers easy substitutions. She also includes recipes for making basics such as seitan and ketchup, to further cut back on less-than-healthy processed products.

“Vegan (or plant-based) food is naturally low in fat, cholesterol free, and more healthful than meat or butter-laden foods. If you think I’m talking about sprout sandwiches and bland tofu, think again! These pages are filled with flavor-loaded, moist and juicy, ooey-gooey, party-in-your-mouth recipes that no one will ever believe are vegan.”

More than a cookbook, Chloe’s Kitchen is a celebration of nourishing food, vibrant health, and compassion towards animals. Share the joy with family and friends; omnivores need not miss out on the fun!

Reviewed by Andrea Klein

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