Edited by Frederic Bau
Flammarion, $49.95, 415 pages

If you are not already in love with chocolate, you will be after you read Cooking with Chocolate. Who knew that chocolate was so versatile? This is a 400+ page book and  a DVD on all things chocolate. The pictures are divine but this book is not for the faint of heart. This is a serious anthology of some complicated confections. The book is laid out well and begins with 100 pages of techniques with an explanation of how to use this book including a star rating for level of difficulty, step-by-step photographs, an equipment list and chef’s notes. There are 243 pages of recipes next, that include a star rating for level of difficulty, an ingredient list in both ounces and grams, chef’s notes, equipment list and decorating notes. Recipes included on the DVD are also noted.

This book is a comprehensive tool developed and tested by top pastry chefs. The pages are designed well, with all the necessary information contained on one page with a beautiful photo next to the recipe. The recipes are intimidating and some of the techniques are daunting.  If you choose to master these magnificent recipes you, too, will be an authority on all things chocolate.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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