By John Schlimm
Lifelong Books, $20.00, 240 pages

The billowing smoke we associate with backyard barbecue is missing in a vegan family’s yard—nothing in vegan grilling has the rich fatty foods that provide both the smoke and the scent of burning fat. Yet nearly anything vegans eat is suitable to throw on the grill, resulting with flavors as good as the meat-eating neighbors’. With some hundred and twenty five recipes, John Schlimm brings vegans wonderful grilled dishes in Grilling Vegan Style. The ten-page introduction is a must for the novice griller and even those experienced will benefit. Schlimm uses the grill for everything, even making popcorn, grilling lettuce and watermelon. The recipes are well written, easy to follow, ingredients are conveniently listed on the side in colored sidebars, and, with a few exceptions, nothing is hard to find. Layout is excellent. The cookbook also provides recipes for such items as vegan mayo, Worcestershire sauce, many marinades, and finally, in the Grillside Happy Hour chapter, some two dozen drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The many full-page color photo illustrations are beautiful. Chapter introductions and head notes provide good, informative reading. The book is a medium-format trade paperback using high-quality thick glossy pages. Index is well cross referenced.
Reviewed by George Erdosh,

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