By Glade B. Curtis, MD, MPH and Judith Schuler, MS
Lifelong Books, $15.95, 673 pages

Your Pregnancy Week by Week is the top selling pregnancy and child birth guide written by a doctor. The seventh edition has been fully revised and updated with the most current information on prenatal care. It serves as a great primary reference book for first-time as well as experienced mothers and fathers. The book, as the title suggests is broken up into a week by week guide to pregnancy. Each week covers how big the baby and the pregnant mother are, how the baby is growing and developing, what kinds of changes the woman can expect in her body, how a mother’s actions affect the baby’s development, nutrition tips, additional information on risks and special issues, as well as prenatal exercise. There are also Dad Tips, Grandma’s Remedies (for treatment avoiding medication) and illustrations of the baby at different stages in growth. Includes an index and glossary of terms. Your Pregnancy Week by Week is a great bedside guide that will give you a little bit of information about all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth.

Reviewed by Catherine McMullen

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