By Linda Hawes Clever
Viva Editions, 286 pages, $16.95

Follow the Doctor’s Orders

All of us could use more energy and pep in our step. If you are suffering from fatigue, stress and weariness, turn to The Fatigue Prescription by Linda Hawes Clever, MD. The doctor offers clear, practical advice on how to overcome fatigue. Start with the Renew-O-Meter. Record things like how many times you laughed yesterday, how often you learn something new and how many times you overreacted or felt trapped in the last week. After awarding specific points per answer, the total gives you a diagnosis about how you juggle life’s commitments and how much you could benefit from renewing yourself. The fatigue prescription consists of four steps – awareness, reflection, conversation and plan-and-act. Become aware of your own fatigue, reflect upon the resources you have to renew yourself, converse with loved ones and put your plans into action. Clever addresses physical ways to improve your energy levels: diet, exercise and sleep. Charts and checklists encourage participation while you read. Analyze your attitudes about change, priorities, values, goals, fears and commitments. When you are done, your life will be more fulfilling and you will feel more refreshed. Add enthusiasm and joy back into your life by utilizing the easy-to-use tools found in this inspirational book.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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