By Duff Brenna
Wordcraft of Oregon, $15.00, 217 pages

Murdering The Mom tells the tragic tale of hurts, abuse, and sorrow. The Mother is attracted to men – LOTS of men. When a tall, dark, and handsome man enters her life, the nightmare begins with Nick Pappas playing the perfect villain. As the story unfolds, you are drawn in to a story of Duff Brenna’s family bruising each other’s hearts and well-being again and again. None of them know how to break this tortured cycle of pain. Will they ever find a way out of the darkness that threatens to consume them?

Duff Brenna beautifully weaves the story of a broken childhood in a broken family that pulls on even the toughest heartstrings. While there is much in this book to inspire strong feelings of anger, sadness, and hate, Brenna writes in a style that allows each of his characters to possess the humanity that was so forcefully taken from him. This book portrays a broken childhood and a struggling life in the most raw and honest manner imaginable. He makes this book a personal gift to every reader.

Reviewed By Rachel J. Richards

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