A Dancing Horse, Of Course

By Julie Mahler Harris, Illustrated by Bonnie Lemaire

CreateSpace 9.95 22 pages

What is a family to do when their beloved old horse loses his eyesight and strays from the safety of his barn? Julie Mahler Harris is a local Washington author and her story, A One-Eyed Horse in a One-Horse Town, stars Smokey, a blind horse whose tale is based on a true story. When Smokey gets older, his owners decide that putting him down is not an option. The family wants Smokey to roam, graze and be free, but a greedy land developer has big dreams of buying the pasture and building a huge mall. How will Smokey’s family get him safely back to the barn? Will the land developer get his wish after all, or will the townsfolk rally to Smokey’s aid? When a radio is placed next to Smokey’s stall, everyone is amazed when the horse perks up and dances into the barn! Children will appreciate the message that it takes hard work to overcome life’s challenges, but it can be done with dedication and perseverance. Harris writes in rhyme, which can be iffy in spots – sadly foggy, eyes lie. Bonnie Lemaire’s illustrations of a dancing horse are fun and colorful. Young readers will be rooting for Smokey.

Reviewed By Kathryn Franklin

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