Weight control self-help

By Gary R. Epler, MD

Epler Health, Inc 15.95 102 pages

Food: You’re the Boss is a paperback with a somewhat ambiguous title. Once you read it, you’ll find that the book’s primary emphasize is on weight control and nutrition. The author, Gary Epler clearly states his five key steps for success on the very first page and goes through them step by step in the consequent chapters in detail.

“Begin the process by understanding that you need to take a positive approach to your nutrition.”

The book is not easy to read; the many scientific and medical terms and nutritional jargon throughout are likely to confuse and discourage most readers. Epler encourages the reader to explore nutritional options through seminars, audio books, websites, social and discussion groups instead of describing them directly in this self-help book. Though he discusses the major nutritional food elements in fine detail, it’s filled with scientific terms. He gives the elements of calculating your body mass index and your percent fat, e.g., but again refers to internet search to find the answers (without giving you specific links). If you are on a weight loss diet, the chapter on weight loss treatment options is superfluous for you. The many real-life examples he gives sound quite exaggerated. Besides, the text is filled with too many repetitions.

Reviewed By George Erdosh

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