Funny, Insightful and Gripping

By Douglas Brunt

Touchstone 24.00 288 pages

Thirty-five-year-old Nick Farmer is living the good life:  he is a bond trader on Wall Street, has a beautiful wife who loves him and earns millions of dollars a year. But the lifestyle of a trader is starting to wear on Nick, creating problems in his marriage and life. As Nick’s life starts falling apart, he must search within himself to find what he really wants and decide if he has the courage to leave the life of luxury.

Ghosts of Manhattan is the debut novel of CEO-turned author Douglas Brunt. The book gives an insightful look into the internal workings of Wall Street (pre-financial crisis).  The main character is an interesting one, as he is full of flaws yet can never let go of his dream of being a better man. The book nicely shows the lifestyle of young Wall Street and demonstrates how the culture is intoxicating to new graduates. It also shows how difficult a lifestyle it is to give up – Nick struggles with making a career change, despite the unraveling of his life and marriage. This novel is insightful, funny and heart-breaking at times and, is an outstanding debut novel.

Reviewed By Barbara Cothern

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