Slow Cooker to Speed Holiday Cooking

By Jonnie Downing

Ulysses Press 15.95 106 pages

We associate most of our holidays with beautiful, flavorful, well-presented foods, and not many cooks would think of a slow-cooked meal to satisfy all of these criteria. Yet, Jonnie Downing in Holiday Slow Cooker did an admirable job to convince you that a slow cooker can be a practical kitchen appliance even for a holiday meal. Anyone who ever used a slow cooker knows that it produces tasty foods but presentation is a bit of a problem. Downing provides excellent ideas to remedy this.

“These are fun and easy recipes, requiring minimal work and far less cleanup time than the average holiday dinner.”

The book is a small-format trade paperback with many beautiful full-page photo illustrations. Nevertheless, this cookbook is not for serious cooks. Rather for those who want to spend minimal time in the kitchen yet must like to plan way ahead to time the slow cooked food ready for a meal. To take French Toast Casserole, you need to whisk the first few ingredients six hours ahead, then adding all ingredients to the slow cooker, cook for three to four hours. Not an easy task to serve it for brunch. Recipes such as cranberry sauce or apple sauce are far quicker and easier on the stove top. Downing uses canned and processed foods in many recipes.

Reviewed By George Erdosh

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