Vegan Recipes From Traditional Favorites

By Mark Reinfeld

Lifelong Books 1899 292 pages

“My main goal with the Taste of Europe has been to create vegan makeovers of classic European dishes to demonstrate the incredible versatility of plant-based cuisine.”

This relatively inexpensive paperback vegan cookbook is a nice addition to any vegan kitchen shelf collection. The title, Taste of Europe, is a bit misleading as most recipes, like minestrone, rice pilaf, gazpacho, moussaka or German potato salad, have been incorporated into the American repertoire for decades. Yet, Mark Reinfeld presents many more not-so-common and mainly Western European recipes with the last chapter ending with 26 assorted recipes from Eastern Europe.

The recipes converted into vegan from traditional recipes are easy to follow. Many useful sidebars are a help for making the dish and include other related information. Reinfeld uses various symbols to help you choose, e.g., raw ingredients, or preparation may take longer than the promised thirty minutes. The headnotes are good and informative. Occasional black-and-white photos brighten up the pages and fourteen bound pages of color photos illustrate some of the final dishes. Layout could’ve been improved as some recipes inconveniently flip over to an overleaf page. Appendix contains more useful information. The well cross-referenced index is excellent

Reviewed By George Erdosh

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