Creative desserts out of the box

By Lindsay Landis
Quirk Books 18.95 160 pages


“…I decided I should save myself some time and create a recipe for raw cookie dough.”

Here is an unusual baking book in which author Lindsay Landis looks outside the box away from traditional baking, creating unusual and simply awesome goodies. The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook is a small-format hardcover book with sturdy spiral binding produced on high-quality paper stock. In the first two chapters every item is unbaked, using eggless cookie dough (since raw eggs are not safe to eat) then Landis turns the oven on for various baked cookies, squares, pies and cakes, and finally provides recipes for custards, a variety of frozen treats, indulgent (sweet) breakfast feasts, snacks and party fare.||In the introduction we learn about ingredients and equipment. The recipes are very well written, easy to follow; unfortunately, the layout is not baker-friendly. To keep illustrations with the first recipe page, instructions flip overleaf to the inconvenience of the baker. Every prepared item is decorated and every one is unique, unusual and looks wonderful. So do the photo illustrations, also done by Landis (who is a graphic designer). They are full page, stunning and truly mouthwatering creations. Expect such unusual creations as cookie dough-filled crêpes, deep-fried cookie dough fritters and cookie dough doughnuts. The index is excellent, well cross referenced.

Reviewed by George Erdosh

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