Original and Unusual Meatless Recipes

By Kim O’Donnel 18.99 226 pages

“Our plant-based suppers now outweigh the meaty ones not only because they’re nutritionally virtuous but because they’re downright delicious.”

This meatless cookbook is so great that this reviewer is almost willing to overlook two of its faults. The first issue is the recipe layout. To the inconvenience of the cook, many recipes in The Meat Lover’s Meatless Celebrations flip overleaf to keep the illustrations facing the recipe. A more serious problem is its poor, nearly useless index. Apart from these, this is a superb vegetarian cookbook with excellent original and unusual recipes. Both the text and recipe writing are also superb. The recipes’ head notes are fun to read and informative. The directions are outstanding and easy to follow. The recipe layout is helpful, with a list of ingredients set on the side over a different-colored background and a list of the tools needed for preparation. Author Kim O’Donnel arranged the chapters by season and, under each season, by holiday and celebration, with menu ideas introducing each. For each menu she lists the recipes with their page numbers. Ingredients are mostly readily available and O’Donnel provides alternatives when they may not be. Many beautiful full-page photographs enliven this medium-format trade paperback and some smaller photos demonstrate techniques. There are four designating symbols: optional dairy, gluten-free, kid-friendly and vegan. This book is a good addition to one’s book shelf.

Reviewed By  George Erdosh

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