Good Italian Cookbook

By Stanley Tucci

Gallery Books 35.00 350 pages

“We hope this cookbook becomes a source for as many of your own unforgettable meals as its recipes have for ours.”

Here is a good Italian cookbook – but do we need one more? Italian cookbooks have been flooding our kitchen bookshelves and if you have one or two you like, there is no reason to add one more. The Tucci Cookbook focuses on Italian home cooking and the recipes are good, though not particularly different from those in similar cookbooks published in the last few years. Many of the recipes are old Italian standards: focaccia, pizza, quite a few pasta salads, roasted vegetables and many Italian sauces. The recipes are well written, easy to follow and their layout is generally good, though some inconveniently slip to overleaf pages. Ingredients are, for the most part, easily available, although having an Italian market nearby is helpful. The cookbook is well illustrated with photos. Recipes are followed by wine pairing and recipe variation suggestions. Head notes are mostly little family stories about that recipe. The long, sixteen-page foreword, preface, and introduction are mainly family stories you may read once and are illustrated with small photographs.

If you don’t already own an Italian cookbook, this is a good addition to your collection.

Reviewed By  George Erdosh

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