Collection of International Vegan Recipes

By Terry Hope Romero

Lifelong Books 35.00 376 pages

“…never mistake a rejection of eating animals as a rejection of really good-tasting food. This book is about just that; we can have it all.”

Here you have a great vegan cookbook that draws recipes from a truly international repertoire. It is a beautiful, large-format, nicely produced book called Vegan Eats World (a rather ambiguous title), though not without errors. The most glaring one is noticeable immediately: the cover page promises three hundred recipes, but the title page shrinks this number to two-hundred and fifty. There are also some incomplete instructions and the layout is not user friendly. Recipes follow one another without a break, thus periodically forcing the reader to page back and forth while following instructions. Nevertheless, Romero has produced a very good cookbook with well-written recipes, each with one or more of seven labels such as: for novices, under forty-five minutes, gluten-free, etc. Very few recipes are actually for the inexperienced cook; most have long lists of ingredients (though readily available) that will frighten all but the truly dedicated cooks. In addition, sometimes many recipes are involved, with directions referring to three or more recipes elsewhere in the book. A nice final feature is the list of recipes by icon (i.e. gluten-free, for novices and so on). The index is not adequate and not cross referenced.

Reviewed By George Erdosh

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