Not Just the Power is Going Out

By Michael Teitelbaum

Starscape Book 5.99 142 pages

This is not the Wonder Woman anyone knows. Wonder Woman: Power Outage is the classic “choose your own fate” book, where Wonder Woman’s powers keep turning on and off, and she has to find out why it is happening. During this she must relive some of her classic battles, and win them all over again. You must also solve puzzles for clues to pick the right way. You must keep her powered and find out why she is losing her powers.

This is what happens when a writer does not even do the basic research. Books like this need fan appeal, and this has none. Cheetah, Dr. Psycho and Ares are great choices, but they are defanged, rendered as less than one-dimensional characters, but Cheetah is even defeated by a power that Wonder Woman doesn’t really have, and Circe and Neron don’t really deserve notice. Even the art is one of the worst clip art jobs ever. It’s almost as if the writer has literally written what he was told by someone that wanted a Wonder Woman book and wasn’t worried about actually doing even a decent job. Do yourself a favor and just pass this one by.

Reviewed By Jamais Jochim

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