Excellent Pizza Book

By Rachel Carter

Love Food 5.99 224 pages

If you like to make your own pizza 1 Crust, 100 Pizzas is an excellent choice for your kitchen shelf. The book is of medium format on glossy pages with 100 different kinds of pizza recipes having a huge variety: vegetarian, meat, seafood and countless combinations, even some sweet dessert pizzas. A few calzone recipes (first cousin of pizza) are also included. This is a no-nonsense, pure cookbook with no head notes, or personal stories, no sidebars or other fillers. The layout of recipes is excellent: all placed on a single page for the cook’s convenience, with beautiful full-page photo illustrations of the final product on the facing page. The recipe writing is logical, easy to follow by even a relatively novice cook and ingredients are available in any reasonably well stocked market. Units are given both in U.S. and metric measurements. Author, Rachel Carter assumes that you will learn to make your own pizza crust yet she uses prepared pizza sauce. Nevertheless she also gives a recipe for an easy home-made sauce. The book ends with 20 novelty pizzas for any celebration or occasion (children’s party, Christmas etc.). The well cross referenced index is excellent (though the font is very small).

Reviewed By George Erdosh

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