Lessons from Madame Chic



A Humrous and Engaging Read

By Jennifer L. Scott
Simon & Schuster, $23.00, 282 pages

Jennifer Scott had the good fortune to travel and live in Paris for six month as a foreign exchange student. During her time in Paris she made some observations about the family she lived with and fondly dubbed the matriarch as Madame Chic. Her boyfriend also lived with a family that she called Famille Bohemienne. While these two families lived different lives—chic versus bohemian, they did have something in common: they led very passionate lives. Scott’s observations turned into a blog when she returned stateside and is now a book of 20 stylish secrets. Scott divides her book into three major categories: diet and exercise, style and beauty and how to live well.

It is no secret that there is a certain mystique to the French and Scott shares her interpretations with humor and honesty. Some commentary is obvious such as no snacking, eat what you want in moderation and exercise consists of the daily activity of life rather than pumping iron at the gym. Scott also shares the concept of the 10-item wardrobe and rejecting materialism after noting that the French buy excellent quality clothing but wear it over and over again. At times the book is a little too directive and in the makeup section, it feels like products are being pushed. But overall, Scott’s message of living passionately, enjoying the little things in life and truly living are great mantras to guide one’s life.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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