Simple Skincare, Beautiful Skin A Back-to-Basics Approach4stars



Good Practical Advice

By Ahmed Abdullah

Greenleaf Book Group Press, $16.95, 184 pages

Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, a plastic and cosmetic surgeon, offers easy-to-understand, practical advice in his book Simple Skincare, Beautiful Skin. Abdullah really believes in going back to basics with skincare routines. He considers that the magic solution so many people look for just does not exist. Instead, he offers simple, scientific solutions. Abdullah opens his book by dispelling many common skincare myths such as that products containing collagen or elastin can rejuvenate skins cells or that “dermatologist recommended” means a product has proven results. As in weight loss, there are no quick-fixes or shortcuts to magical results.

In the next section of Abdullah’s book he explains the science of skin. He then describes the regimen he believes in:  morning and evening cleanse, morning and evening exfoliate, morning and evening moisturize and finally, morning protect. The next section of the book details how to “decode the bottle”. He reviews main ingredients, additives and everything in between. Abdullah is a big proponent of aloe and spends an entire chapter on the merits of aloe in your skincare regime.

Abdullah also covers common skin issues such as dryness, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, redness and under-eye circles. He suggests common causes and ideas to negate the effects of these skin issues. He also has a chapter on acne and cancer treatments and its effect on the skin. He closes the book with a glossary and frequently asked questions.

For a book that is only 164 pages, it contains a wealth of information. Some of the information in the book is common knowledge, but for the most part Abdullah shares a great deal of scientific facts and suggestions for optimal skincare. This is a great book for anyone that wants an alternative to buying that very expensive fountain of youth in a jar.

Reviewed By Seniye Groff

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