The Berenstain Bears Bear Country Blessings4stars



Good Lessons Wrapped in this 3 in 1 Book

By Jan & Mike Berenstain

Zonderkidz, $7.99, 96 pages

Bear Country Blessings is three books in one in the ever popular Berenstain Bears series. In “God Bless Our Home”, Mama Bear and Papa Bear struggle with the decision to move to a new home as their family continues to grow. No one in the family wants to move and so they move things around, hammer, saw and plaster until all the work in the home is complete. This sweet story ends with “May God always bless our happy home”. The story is accompanied by questions and activities that follow the theme of the story. In the second story, “All Things Bright and Beautiful”, Brother and Sister Bear are in Sunday school when their teacher suggests the class go on a nature walk. The bears quickly question, “What’s a nature walk got to do with going to church?” As the class parades through nature, they witness all of God’s creatures, as well as, the fruits and vegetables growing. Again, this story ends with questions and activities tied to the story. In the third story, “Get Involved”, an impending flood rallies the bears to help with the rescue efforts. Due to everyone’s hard work, disaster is averted and the sun comes shining out. Bear Country Blessings revolves around Christian values such as hard work, appreciating nature and helping others. All children will be able to connect to the stories and enjoy the colorful drawings connected to the storyline. Fortunately, this children’s book is hardcover and will survive being read over and over again.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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