75 Floral Blocks to Knit Beautiful Patterns to Mix & Match for Throws, Accessories, Baby Blankets & More (Knit & Crochet)4stars



75 Inspirational Ideas for any Knitter

By Lesley Stanfield
St. Martin’s Griffin, $21.99, 128 pages

75 Floral Blocks to Knit is a beautiful book full of inspiration and ideas. Chapter one focuses on techniques such as equipment, yarn choice, knitting basics and crochet basics. Chapter two concentrates on instructions and the third chapter presents the reader to a wide-range of projects. The book opens with a “directory”, which basically is eight pages of pictorial examples of each of the block projects (traditional, textured and pictorial), with the page number below. When the reader goes to the page with their desired design, it is rated (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and gives specific directions for method and equipment. The final chapter covers specific projects such as a hat, retro cushion, pot holder, and baby blanket to name a few. 75 Floral Blocks to Knit allows the knitter to mix and match the various designs to create something unique. The pictures are detailed and the directions are precise and clear. Any knitter will find something new to add to their repertoire from this inspiring collection of ideas.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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